January 1, 2020

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Barn wedding in Lecanto Florida

It was one of those rare, chilly winter days in Florida. The sun stayed hidden behind the clouds at Cavallo Estate, and turned the sky a dusty shade of blue. Inside the barn,  Ataly was finishing getting ready for her wedding day. She slipped into her Lacey, champagne colored dress, put on her chocolate colored jewels and touched up her makeup. All the guests were seated and Robert standing at the alter, all eyes looking back towards the barn, anxiously waiting for Ataly to make her way. Robert’s (usually) tough exterior quickly melted, and as Ataly took her first steps down the aisle- sweet, salty tears poured from his eyes at the first sight of her. It was a moment that every bride dreams of, and one I’m sure Robert + Ataly will never forget.

Minutes later, they exchanged vows and shared their first kiss as husband and wife. The sun never did come out that day, but Robert + Ataly braved the cold later that evening and we got some truly beautiful photos in the blueberry field.  If you look carefully in some of the close up shots, you can even see goosebumps on their skin! haha We were all happy to head back into the cozy barn where much love, laughter and dancing was shared!

Robert + Ataly, your wedding day was so beautiful! Thanks for letting me capture all of your beautiful memories- I hope you love them! ❤️


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