November 21, 2017

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I am SO excited to finally be sharing baby Gunner’s newborn session! But before I gush all about him, I wanted to share a little bit of Melinda’s birth story and what an amazing job she did bringing baby Gunner into the world!  As I’ve talked about before, we have a very close friends group… so throughout Melinda’s labor we had an ongoing group message going between all of the girls and her husband Wyeth. It all started on Friday October 6, when Melinda woke up just before midnight and couldn’t stop throwing up. Wyeth drove her to the hospital where they found out she had caught the stomach bug  -at 40 weeks pregnant- can you imagine?!?! They spent a long night in the hospital waiting for anti-nassau medication to kick in and finally were able to go home 11 AM Saturday morning. Just two hours after getting home and falling asleep Melinda woke up again, this time, with painful labor contractions. The contractions continued to strengthen and grew closer together so they drove back to the hospital around 2 PM Saturday afternoon. After a couple of hours of contractions, she wasn’t dilating enough and the doctor told her she wasn’t actually in labor. They gave her some medication to soften her cervix as well as some Pitocin to hopefully speed things up. When we asked how Melinda was feeling Wyeth’s reply was:

She’s not too comfortable as is expected. Lol but I stuck her water cup straw up her nose while she was drinking and she smiled a little so I think she’s ok hahaha.

Which I thought was pretty cute and funny haha. But poor Melinda was exhausted and in a lot of pain, so she finally told the doctor that if she didn’t get an epidural soon than she was demanding a C-section! Thankfully, at 3 AM they they decided to give her the epidural and Melinda finally got some relief. She was able to get short nap and by 5 AM Melinda’s water broke and by 5:30 she was fully dilated! When she started pushing she was surprised by the amount of pain she felt considering she had received an epidural. Well, when one of the nurses looked on the ground and found a tube on the ground. That tube fell out of her IV and was supposed to be feeding her epidural! MELINDA HADN’T RECEIVED ANY EPIDURAL MEDICATION IN HOURS AND WAS FEELING THE WHOLE LABOR!!!! She pushed for the next almost 3 hours, virtually unmedicated and after having got the stomach flue and hardly sleeping the night before . But at last… on October 8th at 8:20 AM… Gunner Lee Whitehurst was born, weighing in at 6lbs, 4 oz and 20 in long ♥

As we all started to receive pictures of just minutes old baby Gunner, it was obvious how completely mentally and physically exhausted Melinda was… but how relieved and at peace she looked to finally hold her baby boy in her arms! I am so proud of Melinda for pushing through such an unexpected and difficult labor and delivering such a beautiful healthy baby boy! We are all so in love with baby Gunner and I am so excited to watch him grow! I feel so blessed to be the one to photograph him for all of life’s big milestones! ♥ ♥ ♥



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