October 12, 2018

Vintage First Birthday | Tarpon Springs

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This sweet boy holds a very special place in my heart! His momma and I met way back in freshman year of high school and our friendship has lasted over a decade now! I can  remember how excited I was when Melinda first told me that she was pregnant, we were on a Skype call with two of our other closest friends and I cried happy tears 😭❤️ Then on October 8 of last year, Gunner was born – all 6lbs of him! I remember what it felt like cradling his tiny pink body in my arms just days later when we all went to visit Melinda in the hospital. Those big eyes and the way he always pushed out his lips. A couple of months later, I can remember driving to Melinda’s house on a chilly January morning and later getting peed on during his outfit change 😂 At 6 months old Melinda and Wyeth drove back to our hometown to meet me at my house where we took photos of Gunner by the pond in my backyard with the ducks all gathered around. At 9 months we took my favorite picture ever of Melinda as a mother. Ugh, the way she nuzzles into him just makes my heart melt 😩❤️ I can remember the days where I would look at baby Gunner and wonder what he would be like… would he be timid and shy or adventurous and outgoing? His one year photos might just be my favorite yet because for the first time I felt like his personality really shined through and I caught a little glimpse of the boy Gunner will grow into! He is a little shy but so happy, he loves dogs (like his momma 😉) but also has a serious, pensive way (so obviously from his father) at times! I loved watching him race around on all fours, learning to stand on his own and go to his momma for hugs and big open mouth kisses ❤️

Melinda, I cherish our friendship and am so thankful for all the life we’ve shared these past 10 something years. May we always share in the struggles and joys that come with marriage, motherhood and life. It has been such a blessing to watch Gunner grow over the last year and I can’t wait for the day the and Anabelle are running around us playing while we have girl talk ❤️    

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  1. Alice Brimmage says:

    What an amazing photographer you are Marisa and what a beautifully written sentiment! My grandnephew is truly blessed to have Melinda as his mommy. ❤️
    Thank you for sharing these pictures.

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