May 22, 2017

Amelia is one! | Unicorn Birthday

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I was so excited when Stacy’s friend  approached me about doing a photo shoot for her daughter’s first birthday! It just so happened that she (Stacy) was obsessed with unicorns and her sweet friend wanted to surprise her with unicorn themed birthday photos for her daughter’s first birthday. I was particularly excited by this, because I’ve been planning on throwing a unicorn themed birthday party for my daughter who will be turning two next month! We had just gotten a little miniature horse, and I knew she would make a perfect unicorn! Anyways… the shoot was going to happen secretly where her friend would present Stacy with photos after they were finished. But one day, when Stacy told her friend that she was upset because she had plans of doing her own unicorn shoot that fell through, she was forced to divulge the secret and tell Stacy all about our surprise unicorn shoot. We got in contact with each other, and over the next couple of weeks Stacy and I chatted all things unicorns and flower crowns! I am so glad that she ended up finding out, because it turned into more of a mommy and me session, and now I just can’t imagine what the photos would have been like without her in them! I mean come on, isn’t she just gorgeous?! But what’s even more beautiful is the bond between her and her daughter. There was a certain comfort and closeness they shared, and it was seriously the sweetest thing to see.    

Little Amelia has the most stunning red hair and pretty blue eyes- and the sweetest little personality to match. I don’t think she cried one tear the entire session! She just sat there contentedly most of the time, and I was impressed by just how well she tolerated her flower crown and her adorable unicorn headpiece! And she just lights up when she’s with her momma!!! I am so thankful to have met these two and I hope these pictures will be something they both will be able to cherish in the years to come <3


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