January 10, 2019

Tuscany on the Meadows Wedding | Hernando

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I met Melanie up in the hotel room and grabbed some quick bridal details as she finished up with hair and makeup. When she took out her wedding dress with intricate beading and cascading layers of tule- I knew it was going to be a good day! Her chocolate brown curls, freshly tanned skin and tight-fitting mermaid dress were sure to take Corey’s breath away. His smile when Melanie came down the aisle that day said more than my words ever could. A short and sweet ceremony ensued and then the two shared their first as Mr. and Mrs. Neal!!!

Watching Corey + Melanie’s wedding day unfold truly felt like I was part of a real life love story. Both came from previous marriages with existing children, fell in love, and created the most beautiful blended family together! Receptions are obviously lots of fun.. but I especially enjoyed Corey and Melanie’s because once all of the obligations of the day were over they could finally just be together as a family. My favorite moment is when they called all 6 of their children out to the floor and danced to “My House” by Flo Rida. As the girls twirled around and the boys goofed off around Corey + Melanie’s feet, their laughter rang louder than any other sound in the room and they looked the true definition of complete… you would have never even have guessed that they hadn’t spent their whole lives together. ❤️

Congratulations Corey + Melanie! Your wedding day was truly beautiful and I feel honored to have met your sweet family! I hope you will love and cherish these photos for years to come ❤️    

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