April 4, 2018

The Plantation Wedding on Crystal River

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Jon + Alisha were married at the beautiful plantation on Crystal River! Think traditional, timeless and southern… and you’ve got it! After a long, winding driveway the first thing you see appear behind the trees is the tall, four-columned, plantation style house! The crisp all white exterior contrasted beautifully against the rich green lawn, and fresh magenta flowers were hung all around! When I first arrived I met the girls in the Willow Room where Alisha and her 8 bridesmaids were all getting ready. Which in case you didn’t know, is much more about giggles and reminiscing, than it is the hair and makeup 😉 ! We took some fun pictures of all the girls in their robes and then it was time for Alisha to slip into her wedding dress! She looked absolutely stunning in her white gown and floral headpiece. It sounds silly, but I always feel so honored to be one of the first people to see a bride in her dress, and to be there to help with any last-minute details if need be. The ceremony took place behind The Plantation, on a pristine lawn overlooking the gorgeous water of Kings Bay. Alisha walked down the long grassy aisle towards Jon, and the two held hands underneath the gazebo as they shared handwritten vows. Afterwards we took family/bridal party portraits in front of the plantation home and then I stole  Jon + Alisha away for some dreamy sunset portraits. It’s always my favorite part of the day, because it’s the first time my couples are alone together and can truly soak in the reality of being husband and wife! Plus, the lighting never disappoints!!!

When it came time for the reception, Jon + Alisha shared a beautiful first dance followed by a sweet dance with Alisha and her father. But when it came time for the traditional mother son dance, the mood softened a little. You see, Jon’s mother had passed away so instead, he walked out to the dance floor with his Aunt. It touched my heart so much, because it reminded me of my own wedding day. My father too, passed away before I was married and instead of the traditional father daughter dance, I shared one with my brother. I can remember feeling the sadness of my father’s absence and trying to hold back from crying, but then in the middle of the dance… when I finally got the courage to look up and out into the crowd… I saw my husband looking straight back at me with the most loving tears in his eyes. And I thought to myself in that moment, how lucky was I to have found someone who looked at me that way? Who loved me so much that my hurt became his hurt. And that day at Jon + Alisha’s wedding… when I looked out into the crowd, I saw Alisha watching her husband with the same tender tears in her eyes. And I knew just how lucky they were to have each other. For the rest of their lives, his hurt will become her hurt. Her joy will become his joy. In their lifetime they will likely know more death, experience more new life, feel the sting of failure, the thrill of success… but they will do it all together. And I can’t think of anything more beautiful than that. 

Jon + Alisha- thank you so much for trusting me with what will always be some of your most special memories! It was such a blessing to witness the love you have for each other, and to see the amazing support from your friends and family. Your wedding day was truly beautiful. I wish you many, many more years of love and happiness!!! 




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