June 1, 2017

The Leturno’s Cow Field Family Session

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Katrina and Travis are owners of local business Circle T Sod, so how appropriate is it that we took pictures on 250 acres of beautiful grassy pasture?! Seriously, it was a dream. There were beautiful giant oaks, some really cool old cow chutes and lots of green pasture full of cows! We were even able to see a freshly born calf! We know it was fresh because when we stumbled upon it, the mother was still eating the placenta! (Yes, it’s as gross as it sounds, but really neat to see!) 

Weston is the older brother, and as is only natural, has a little bit of healthy jealousy. You could tell he started to get a little antsy when we would talk about, or take pictures of his younger brother a little too long. But oh boy, was he a happy camper when it came his time to shine! He loved to strike all kinds of fancy poses, and especially loved running as fast as he could while I tried to snap a picture! Younger brother Easton was just the happiest little guy there ever was! At a little over a year old he is putting lots of practice into walking and flashes the cutest smile full of fresh little teeth! He laughed and giggled at all of us for most of the time and loved when mom and dad threw him in the air! It ended up being such a beautiful evening, and I love how natural and fun all of their pictures came out 🙂 


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