January 21, 2018

Shell Island | First Birthday | Homosassa

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Breanna and Gary are the owners of River Adventures Tours here in beautiful Homosassa, Florida. Even though they both grew up in the same area, Breanna lived in Inverness while Gary spent all of his time in Homosassa, so their paths didn’t cross until much later when the two met through mutual friends. Gary worked an office job his whole life, until one day he decided to drop it all and follow his dreams of owning his own charter company. Fast forward to today… Breanna and Gary are married and now spend their days helping others enjoy the water through kayaking, paddle boarding, charter fishing & much more!! But their greatest work and the pride and joy of their lives, is their little boy named Brody, who just turned one year old!! When Breanna contacted me about getting some photos done in celebration of Brody’s first birthday, she expressed their love for the water and hoped we could take pictures on an island their little family liked to visit. I was over the moon happy to do so!!! I love when my clients can think of unique locations that are special and meaningful to their family! And what could have been more perfect than photos of the Bartell’s on shell island !?!

It was another chilly Florida day as we all boarded the boat and set off for the island. Little Brody wasn’t the biggest fan of his awkward, bulky infant life vest (what child is) but as soon as the boat was up an moving he was ready to captain the boat with dad! Breanna handed him over and he quickly took his place at the center console of the boat. The air was chilly, and a strong wind blew through Brody’s soft brown hair and turned his cheeks a pretty shade of red. Both hands gripped onto the steering wheel, with eyes were wide open, full of excitement as he helped his dad steer the boat! It was just a short ride there, and in less than ten minutes we made it to shell island. The sun was still pretty high in the sky at that point, so we took to the center of the island, surrounded by the tall grasses and driftwood. Brody was in a pretty serious mood, but we did manage to catch a few smiles and some mommy daddy snuggles ♥. As the sun sunk lower in the horizon, we headed to the boat where they all got their poles and began fishing on the shoreline for the remainder of the evening. It’s safe to say that little Brody is following closely in his parents footsteps with his love for the water. He spent a good 20 minutes dipping his pole in and out of the water, and was seriously upset when it came time to leave it behind. I also discovered that one of his favorite toys to play with are those neon colored foam bobbers. How cute!?! 


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