January 24, 2018

Romantic Valentine’s Day shoot | Homosassa, FL

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Rewind to senior year of highschool 2010. Freddy was the serious guy who kept mostly to himself… he played soccer and excelled in all of his classes. Katie was the artsy, slightly eccentric girl who kept a close circle of friends. They both had been going to the same school since 6th grade, but their paths didn’t cross until Coach Hall’s history class senior year. Neither of them knew anyone in the class so they became friends and stared talking after school every day. After winter break Freddy finally worked up the courage to ask Katie out. They had their first date at the Chili’s in Crystal River, which was pretty much the only option in our home town except for the Chilis across the street haha. The two hit it off and continued dating through graduation. 

Right after high school they both left for college, only to separate sides of the state. Freddy attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, while Katie moved to Fort Meyers to attend Florida Gulf Coast University. For two years their relationship grew in spite of the long distance. There were many tearful conversations and I miss you’s. Late nights spent talking on the phone and Skype dates because they just wanted to see each other’s faces. Just about every other weekend Katie would drive to Gainesville, or they would meet halfway back in the hometown where they grew up. Finally after two years, Katie applied and was accepted into UF’s education program. She packed up and moved to Gainesville her Junior year where finished out her college education with her love by her side. 

Just a couple of years later Katie + Freddy married each other in a cute little downtown square in Gainsville, just before Christmas time! Everyone always says how people change and you don’t know what you want when your young. And in a way, I think they’re right. Freddy and Katie aren’t the same people who met in history class senior year. Freddy grew a beard and never shaved it off and Katie doesn’t spend much time creating art these days. He’s no longer playing soccer and she’s no longer making silly videos with her high school girlfriends.  Neither of them are in the career they thought they would be when they started college. And I bet Freddy never thought he would own a mini-daschund and love it so much 😉 But they didn’t grow apart… through all of life’s changes and big decisions, they only grew towards each other. I feel so happy and blessed to call Katie + Freddy some of my dearest friends and for the privilege of watching their relationship grow from the very beginning. How many people can say they married their high school sweetheart? I’m sure it’s not too many, but Freddy + Katie can. ♥

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