May 7, 2018

Rainbow River | Newborn

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I first met the Evans family when we did their family ranch maternity session back in February. A couple of months gone by, and I was so excited to hear about the arrival of baby Isla Jane and to do her newborn pictures! 💕 This time we headed to Nathan’s parents house on the Rainbow River for a change of scenery… and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!!!

It was absolutely beautiful on the river! The weather was cool and breezy and the water the prettiest shade of crystal clear blue/green. The large established oak trees hung their limbs down low and with each gentle gust the Spanish moss, which hung even lower, would sway in the wind. Nestled in the midst of it all, and far more beautiful… was Nathan, Madaline, Emma Grace and sweet baby Isla Jane. Seriously, could they be any sweeter ?!?! Mom and Dad were so obviously in love with their newest baby but it actually made my eyes swell up watching the way Emma Grace held her baby sister. You could tell just by the way she looked at her, how full her heart was, and how much she already loved this little sister of hers. *It was such a sweet moment, and I couldn’t help but think of my own daughter and how amazing it will feel one day to see her love a baby brother/sister*.

I’m not sure how my newborn sessions always happen during cooler weather, but somehow we managed to schedule baby Isla’s newborn session on what was probably the only chilly day in March!? The sun set made the river and surrounding trees glow so beautifully, but believe it or not, it was hardly 70° that evening! So sadly, we were able to take just a few photos of baby Isla in her cute eyelet onesie before we swaddled her up and left her that way for the rest of the evening. Even so, we were able to capture some truly beautiful moments- some of which are my favorite newborn photos to date!

Nathan + Madaline, thank you so much for letting me capture such a special moment in your lives. Baby Isla Jane is just precious and your newly expanded family SO beautiful!               

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