February 8, 2018

Outdoor newborn | Inverness Lake

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It was yet another cold, chilly winter day here in Florida. You can almost feel the cool wind blow, looking back at the photos of the tall golden grass, bending in the wind. I’ve said before that one of my favorite things to do, is come a little early to a shoot, to take pretty detail shots of whatever type of location we’re at. When I arrived at the lake, I found myself wandering through the tall grass in search of beautiful light and taking pictures along the way- and admittedly… I ended up a little lost haha (a sense of direction is not my strong suit). Thankfully, I eventually found my way back and was able to meet the wonderful Evans family! Levi + Paige have been together for a couple of years now. Levi came into marriage with a beautiful daughter named Emma, and together (Levi + Paige) just welcomed their first child! Baby Cole was born on January 11th, weighing in at  7 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 20 1/2 inches long. He has long little toes and the cutest red tinged hair, just like his momma! The wind started to pick up so we bundled up baby Cole in some blankets and got a couple of quick shots at the beautiful lakefront! Emma was such a great big sister and loved holding her new baby brother! And it was so sweet to watch Levi, Paige and their two children as one big, beautiful blended family in front of this gorgeous lake. ♥          

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