August 19, 2019

Navy Blue Cavallo Estate Wedding | Lecanto

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You know how the saying “things never go as planned” is always used when talking about weddings, well, the statement could never have rung more true for Jeremy and Christine. The two planned their entire Florida wedding from out of state and everything seemed to be in order. When she went for her final dress fitting and tried on her expensive mermaid style dress it fit her perfectly. But just days before the wedding she tried it on and cried because she didn’t feel beautiful; she didn’t feel herself in it. She knew she couldn’t be married in it and rush-ordered a dress from Lulu’s – much to her friends and family’s surprise.

And then while walking down the street, Christine had a bad fall, leaving her with a badly injured foot and a giant bruise on her shoulder. She would need crutches to walk around, and obviously couldn’t wear the high-heel shoes she had been dreaming of. Jeremy’s suit was ripped while being transported by the airline. Our engagement session, which was planned for a couple of days before the wedding had to be canceled due to rain… and what’s worse, the rain chance for their wedding day was just as high, so their plans of an outdoor ceremony had to be moved inside.

I know you’re probably thinking that all of this is starting to sound a little depressing…. BUT something that I learned on my wedding day, and what I tell my brides, is that all of those things (most of the time small, but sometimes big) that seem like a disaster in the moment will actually one day become some your sweetest memories. Because even though Christine would never have chosen to buy an expensive wedding dress she never ended up wearing, or walk around on crutches all day, or move her ceremony indoors … I could bet you ANYTHING she wouldn’t change one of those things that happened now. Because all of those imperfect moments all came together in the most perfect way to create the story of their incredibly unique wedding day, one that belonged just to them. A story that they will be telling their children, and one day grandchildren for years to come. I would even venture to say that all of those funny, unexpected moments will be their favorite. Because I know they’re mine.

At the reception… Christine’s sister, Jennifer, began a toast that shared her perspective about the day Christine fell and hurt her ankle. When she heard Christine’s tears on the other side of the phone her heart broke and all she wanted to do was drop everything and book a flight to Florida to help her baby sister. But she didn’t. Because in the next breath Christine was telling her all about how Jeremy left the instant he heard she was in trouble. He was going to reach her as fast as he could and not even a red light, or the ticket he got for speeding through it, could slow him down. And it was in that moment that Jennifer knew she didn’t need to worry about her baby sister anymore because there was someone she trusted to love and care for Christine just as much as she did.

That dress Christine bought at the last minute- she felt absolutely beautiful in it; it was loose and flowy unlike her mermaid dress- which she would never have been able to walk around in crutches in.

And would you believe… it ended up that there wasn’t a drop of rain that day ❤️

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