December 29, 2017

The Maynards | Backyard Wedding | Homosassa

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She couldn’t help but smile. Her hair was flying. Her white sequined dress dragged across the asphalt as she went round and round in the moonlight- she didn’t mind. There was no light except for some twinkling lights above the distant dance floor, but the moon was full and bright that night, and picked up the white in her dress making her look even more glowing. There was the sound of faded music and the laughter of friends and family across the yard.  Her arms were flown towards the sky. She twirled there, in the middle of the street. Next to her grandmother’s home where she had just married the man of her dreams a few hours before. She twirled in complete and utter bliss. It is a moment that I don’t think I will ever forget… watching Mackenzie spin around in her giant wedding dress with childlike wonder. Her joy in that moment was contagious. I watched as a few of her close friends and family laughed and smiled together as they looked on her with the utmost joy and love. The ceremony had already came and passed and it was almost the end of the reception as we waited in the middle of the road for the fireworks to be set off. Instead of finding a spot to rest or making small talk with those around her… Mackenzie spent those couple of minutes dancing around in the road in complete and utter bliss. Everyone deserves a love like that. A love that lifts you off your feet and fills you with so much joy that it just makes you want to squeal and dance around like a little girl again. It makes my heart so happy to know that Steven and Mackenzie have that kind of love. 

Steven and Mackenzie were married in the backyard of Mackenzie’s grandmother’s house. It was just before Christmas… so the trees were strung with lights and the flower bouquets and dresses were all a beautiful shade of deep red. Nestled in the trees, and lined behind with wooden benches, was a canopy draped in white linens and more Christmas colored flowers. The sun was just starting to set when Mackenzie stepped out the back door of her grandmother’s home. I looked to Steven who’s eyes swelled with the most beautiful tears as he watched his bride to be walking down towards him. Mackenzie’s father recently passed away, so it was a tender moment, when her brother walked her down the aisle and handed her away. There wasn’t an eye looking away, when Steven and Mackenzie took hands and stood together at the alter. The two shared beautiful handwritten vows, expressed the uniting of their two families through a sand ceremony and then everyone bowed their heads and shared in a sweet prayer for the bride and groom. And then finally, they were pronounced husband and wife, and shared their first tender kiss as so! A very fun and relaxed reception followed! My favor part was watching Steven and Mackenzie sway together under the the twinkling lights and night time sky as they danced their first dance. Followed by dreamy portraits underneath the setting fireworks!! 

Steven and Mackenzie, I am so thankful that you chose me to be your wedding photographer. I cannot explain what an honor it was to hold such a special part in what will always be one of the most special days of your lives. I wish you many, many years of love and happiness!  


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