March 15, 2018

Lineman Anniversary Session | Florida

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This has to be one of my new favorite sessions. Brandon and Ciara got married after just a couple months of dating, and will be celebrating 5 YEARS OF MARRIAGE TOGETHER this month!!! Isn’t that just the craziest, most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?!? Most people would probably say a marriage like that doesn’t stand a chance, but then again, Brandon and Ciara aren’t most people. After just a couple of months, they knew they wanted to promise forever to each other. They have carried that promise into a happy marriage, making a home together, starting in wonderful careers and bringing the cutest little boy into the world. 

A love like that deserves to be celebrated! I am SO happy that Ciara came to me wanting anniversary photos done. Brandon is a lineman, so she had this incredible idea to take photos underneath the power lines. I was more than excited!!! I love when my clients think outside of the box and come up with fun ideas or locations that truly reflect who they are. I had never been to this spot before, as Brandon was obviously the one to choose it, but the scenery did not disappoint! The soft background of the trees contrasted beautifully with the sharp lines of the power lines. And I’m not sure if it was more from the setting sun, or the way that Brandon looked at her…but Ciara was absolutely glowing! It was the perfect evening!!!

Brandon and Ciara, thank you so much for allowing me to capture such special memories. Happy 5 years… and I have no doubt, many, many more!!! ♥                

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