December 12, 2018

Lakeside Ranch Engagement | Inverness

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“He’s the best guy I’ve ever met” is what she replied when I asked her how she knew Kevin was the one. Her face radiated with love and joy as little Milena ran around our feet. I have known Lashay for a couple of years now.. and while she has juggled the role of business owner and motherhood for quite sometime, it wasn’t until Kevin came along that she decided to take on the role of becoming a wife! Kevin loves being outdoors, time with the cutest cattle dog pup and going for drives in his antique Land Rover (both of which did make an appearance for our session 😉)! Lashay is momma to sweet 3 year old Milena and owns her own business hosting character parties and events! She and Kevin actually met after the local Christmas parade which her business participated in last year! Since meeting  they enjoy sharing in each others interests, but most of all, love spending time together with Milena!

Fast forward to this November… because Kevin knew of Lashay’s love for Dinsey, he decided to take her on a special getaway to Magic Kingdom! They got there early in the morning and spent the whole day exploring and meeting all of the characters! By 7 PM the sun had set and everything quickly grew dark. They stopped to admire Cinderellas castle which is always lit up so beautifully at night! Kevin had plans to propose in front of it during the fireworks at 10PM, but by 9:00 Lashay was quickly growing tired after a long day and wanted to go home (poor guy haha). So he convinced her to take just one more walk around the castle; knelt down on one knee to say the words “Lashay I love you, will you marry me?”. Lashay didn’t just say, but joyfully yelled, the word “yes!” and burst into tears! ❤️ I couldn’t imagine a more perfect proposal for my sweet friend!

Kevin + Lashay, I am so incredibly happy for you! Seeing you two with Milena brought so much joy to my heart and I can’t wait to celebrate your love and “officially” becoming a beautiful blended family of 3!  I will see you guys again under the very same oak trees come March! ❤️❤️❤️

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