July 28, 2018

Gender Reveal Taco Party | Crystal River, FL

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In case you don’t know Lauren personally-she’s a BIG fan of tacos! So her sweet friends threw her the cutest taco-themed baby shower complete with lots of festive colors, decorative cactus and the cutest Mexican-themed cookies 😍 Perhaps the funnest detail was a colorful donkey pull-string piñata which was used to reveal the gender to Lauren and all of her friends and family.

As all eyes looked to Michael + Lauren, they were grinning ear to ear, and together they give a big giant pull to reveal either pink or blue confetti. You can imagine everyone’s surprise when the colorful body broke free from the head and instead of a waterfall of confetti, Lauren was left holding a decapitated donkey 😂 It was such a funny moment and I love Michael’s expression after it all. Once the confusion wore off Lauren looked down at the piñata she held in her hands- she ripped it open, let out a scream of pure joy and tossed the confetti high into the air. Everyone cheered and celebrated as a stream of blue confetti rained down over Lauren and Micheal. If you can’t tell by their reaction- they were really wanting a boy! 💙 

I am so, SO happy for Lauren and Michael and the sweet baby boy they will be welcoming into the world in just a couple of months. I know this little boy is already so loved and very lucky to grow up being surrounded by such supportive friends and family.                   

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