March 6, 2018

The Gavins | Lecanto Backyard Wedding

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He stood there waiting with his hands in his pockets. A slight smirk on his face.  John was waiting to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. The sun shone high above the sea of pine trees, creating bursts of sunlight on the forest floor that somehow made the moment feel even more magical. I looked in the other direction to see Alyssa walking upon a blanket of pine needles towards the man she would so soon be making a very similar walk down towards the aisle to. But this- this was their moment. Just how they wanted it to be. Not to be seen for the first time under the gaze of a hundred other eyes, but just the two of them, in a quiet moment that would be just theirs to remember. I imagine John’s heart began to beat a little faster when finally, she had finished her walk to him, and her gentle hands covered his eyes. I saw his smile grow a little bigger-and then he turned around to face his bride…

Alyssa looked absolutely stunning in her nude lace dress and long flowing curls that cascaded down her back. John looked at her the way every bride hopes she will be seen on her wedding day. He stood her out in front of him, soaking in every detail from head to toe. Then he pulled her in close and just held her there for awhile. And of course, there were lots of sweet kisses shared before they parted ways again.

The next time they saw each other they were standing at the alter. And in front of their closest friends and family, they confessed their love to each other, and were officially pronounced Mr. + Mrs. Gavin! The ceremony was followed with yummy barbecue food and some good country music. They spent the rest of the night with so many of their favorite people, dancing in an open field underneath the stars. It was a truly perfect day! 

John + Alyssa- I am SO thankful that I could play such a special part in your wedding. I wish your little family many years of happiness and hope that your love only grows stronger with each passing day. 


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