April 20, 2017

Easter 2017

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We are lucky enough to celebrate most holidays twice. We usually go to my side of the family’s house first and eat a large meal, and then we go back to my husbands side and eat another entirely large meal. We’re definitely not complaining, and have become quite skilled in the art of eating multiple dinners 😉 . This Easter was no different, and even though we left the house around 10 AM, by the time we finished all of our travels, dinners and the easter egg hunt at my in-laws the day was almost over. This was my first Easter with my new camera so I really wanted to take some pictures during the sun set. I think we had about 30 minutes before sun set, and all of the girls had already taken off their easter dresses and didn’t want to put them back on! 🙁 But, by some sort of mini easter miracle, they were enticed enough at the prospect of taking pictures that they  FINALLY decided to change back into their Easter dresses! I grabbed my camera while my husband loaded up the kids in the golf cart and we took off to the back of the property! The truth is, we spent most of the time running around in circles, not to be cute, but to keep the no-see-umms from biting. Not the magical setting I was hoping for haha. But amidst all the chaos and rush, came some truly beautiful photos. If photography has taught me anything, it is that you can find beauty in every moment. Even in the messy not so perfect ones.  So thankful for another Easter with my beautiful family and for a Savior who demonstrated the most beautiful love of all. 


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  1. Carol Hale says:

    Amazing Marissa, as usual. You have a gift from God. I am so happy for you that you have such a loving family and a husband to fulfill your every need. Along with the most adorable baby girl anyone could ask for. Much love to you always. Aunt Carol.

  2. Barbara Smith says:

    VERY beautiful & inspiring photographs!

  3. Barbara Smith says:

    VERY beautiful and inspiring photographs !

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