December 10, 2017

Ear Family | Homosassa Forest

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It was so encouraging to meet Kimmie and Sean who have been together for over a decade, and yet still together and so in love! Kimmie and Sean are both school teachers and together they have one bright little boy named Everett. He just started Kindergarten this year but was enrolled in the gifted program and spends much of his time with 2nd and 3rd graders learning at a higher level. They say he’s so far advanced that it makes him seem older than he really is, and they want to do all they can to soak up every minute of this young age before he actually is older. This means spending lots of time on the boat on the weekends, fishing and enjoying lots of quality family time together. 

On the morning of our photo session it was so foggy that I could hardly see the street signs in front of me while driving. We actually had to postpone their arrival by a good 15-20 min just because the clarity was so terrible! But oh my, when that sun started to come up it was MAGIC. The light shone on all the misty particles in the air and created a glow around the Ear family that was absolutely breath taking! We spent the morning taking beautiful family photos while Everett told me all about Megalodons and made funny faces to help mom and dad laugh ♥ It will forever remain one of my favorite sessions that I have ever done! 


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