March 8, 2018

Dunnellon Family Ranch | Maternity Session

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I pulled off of the highway onto a winding road surrounded by large beautiful trees and fenced in pastures. When I arrived at the house, I had the pleasure of meeting Madaline. We exchanged a quick friendly hello, and then she led me to the backyard where family members were all gathered at the cutest little barn that had been converted into a cook shack. I asked Madaline if this was a special occasion, she simply shrugged her shoulders and said “Oh this? No, it’s an every day kinda thing around here”. You see, Madaline and her two sisters all grew up on their parent’s ranch in Dunnellon and are just as close as ever. They may all be grown now with families of their own, but  they live within just a couple minutes of each other and often spend their day’s back on their parent’s ranch. I just think that is so special. It was refreshing to watch kids playing outside like it used to be… and to meet such a close-knit, kind family. 

Maddy’s daughter, Emma grace, was eager to go swimming with her cousins…. so we took off to one of the front pastures to take photos of the family as a whole first, so that she could go back and play with her cousins afterwards. Emma gracefully obliged us in taking pictures, and gave the sweetest smiles and giggles while hugging her momma and soon to be baby sister. The relationship between Emma Grace, her mom and dad was simply heart warming. But needless to say, when we told her we were finished and she could go back and play with her cousins… she didn’t think twice about leaving, and took off running just as happy as could be haha! We spent the rest of the evening, just Madaline and Nathan, taking photos under the setting sun. Spring was most definitely in the air, as the tree canopies were all starting to fill in green again with new leaves. The grass was starting to grow in tall and vibrant, and you could hear the soft chirps of birds in the background. It was a beautiful picture… as the promise of new life inside of Madaline was so beautifully mirrored by nature all around us.

Nathan + Maddy, thank you so much for letting me get to know your sweet little family and for choosing me as your photographer! Your family is absolutely beautiful and I am so grateful to have captured this sweet time in your life. ♥           

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