June 22, 2018

Smash Cake on the beach | Crystal River

FILED IN: Milestone

This smash cake session holds a very special place in my heart since Cael is one of the first babies I ever photographed! I can’t tell you how amazing it is, to see the just days old baby I photographed almost a year ago, now sitting before me on the beach laughing and crawling around!   You can see his newborn session here Fresh 48- Baby Cael. His light brown hair has now transformed into bleach blonde,  and those eyes which were hidden behind sleepy eyelids now shine the brightest shade of blue! 

Cael will be one year old on July 15! He is such a happy and easy going little guy that getting smiles out of him was no problem. You can imagine then, that it came as such a surprise when we set the smash cake in front of him and he started to cry! Poor little guy was just not having at first. But after mom took a little icing on her finger and gave him a taste his happy mood soon returned! We got lots of claps, giggles and some of the sweetest expressions. It was such a fun, joyful evening on the beach and I had the absolute best time 💙           

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