July 23, 2018

Crystal River Archeological State Park | Extended Family Session

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It is always such a beautiful thing to see multiple generations all gathered together. Children, parents and grandparents. Every extended  family is different, and it is always so fun for me to unearth the unique relationships within each family. The Maltese’s are such kind people and I so enjoyed capturing all of their sweet moments. Everyone wants the tradition smiling at the camera portraits, but my most favorite photos are the candid moments between the three grandchildren and their parents/grandparents. The way Nicole smiled when she cradles her sweet boy or how his curly blonde hair shines brightly in the sun as his dad tosses him in the sky. The tender kiss grandma placed on her youngest grand-daughters cheek. A giant group hug for grandpa. All of those moments are more beautiful than any background, and they are the kind of images that make me truly proud of what I do. 


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