April 20, 2017

Cousin Love!

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These two cuties may live far apart, but they are very close in age. Wyatt lives in Massachusetts while Annabelle lives in Florida, of course. They were born roughly 6 weeks apart and I always look forward to visits so I can see them play together. Wyatt has beautiful blue eyes and curly hair just like his momma. He was so cute playing in the tall grass, and even started to play peekaboo with Annabelle. It was so fun running around, taking pictures of these two. As you can tell, it involved lots of animal crackers 😉 Can’t we just freeze time and keep them this little forever ???            



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  1. Carol Hale says:

    Cute as a bugs ear! Such a talent to be able to get these two little ones to sit long enough to get great pictures. It is intimate in a way as they are quietly being God’s little angels, so innocent and truthful and trusting, while snapping pictures of their innocence along the way. God bless you in your new endeavor.

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