June 23, 2017

Christian and Tara | Tuscany on the Meadows Wedding

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If you would have told me six months ago that I would be sitting here today, writing a blog post about a wedding I just shot, I would have called you crazy! But here I am… writing this post. It was sort of kismet, how it all came to be. I always told myself that I wouldn’t shoot a wedding until I was years into my career- but when Christian and Tara came to me last minute, hoping I would photograph their wedding, I had a change of heart! I could tell that they trusted me to capture all of the precious moments of their day, and their trust gave me the courage I needed to step out and shoot my first wedding!  I am so incredibly grateful that Christian and Tara chose me to be their photographer, I can’t explain what an honor it is to have played such a role in, perhaps, the most special day of their lives! 

Christian and Tara are high school sweethearts who met through JROTC! They had been dating for three years when Christian decided to propose to Tara on graduation night at Applebees- in front of everyone! In their words… “It just so happened to be karoke night, and everyone said if you’re gonna do it, do it big!” And that they did… just a few short weeks later brought them to June 17 2017, their wedding day. <3 I don’t think that Christian stopped smiling for most of the day. My favorite part was probably watching him as he saw his bride walking down the aisle towards him. He looked at her as if filled with so much pride and happiness that this woman, Tara, was soon to become his wife… and couldn’t contain his utter excitement, which bubbled over in the form of a more subtle, but telling smile. It was a truly beautiful day, surrounded by family and loved ones, all there to celebrate Christian and Tara’s devotion to each other. I wish them many years of happiness and a long healthy marriage! 


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