December 7, 2017

Extended Family | The Villages, Florida

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I was so excited when Emily contacted me about taking some family photos! Her twins Sam and Sofia were turning two and she wanted to take some photos in celebration of their birthday, but since they would also be visiting family from out of state, she wanted to take advantage of everyone being together to get some extended family photos! I always think It’s so wonderful when large families can get together for photos because most times, there are multiple generations all coming together, and the images that are taken are not likely to happen again in a life time! My heart always melts when I see a grandmother with her great grand children… knowing that she started their family legacy and has now lived to see the fruits of it in the lives of her children and now grandchildren. I can’t think of a greater blessing. That’s why some of my favorite photos of this session are of the ones of Sam and Sophia with their great grandmother.

Truthfully though, the whole session tugs at my heart strings. Emily and Frank are wonderful people who parent their two year olds with such grace.  The boy Sam, was a little reserved at first but by the end of the session was running around and playing as if I wasn’t even there. His sister Sophia was more of the social butterfly and had no trouble smiling and singing songs in front of the camera from the start! It was so obvious how close they were with the rest of the family… Emily’s sister and her husband, her parents and her grandmother. The sun shone beautifully through the large oaks as everyone smiled in front of the camera, shared a bit with me about their family and took turns keeping the twins happy… such a beautiful thing to be a part of. We ended the evening atop a beautiful watch tower overlooking a beautiful lake as the sun turned pretty shades of blue and pink above. Sam tried climbing the railing a couple of time and then every one laughed and watched as the twins ran around together in circles, happy as can be. I went for one last adorable shot when the two collided face first and fell to the ground in tears. We decided then that it would probably be a good time to finish. haha. That’s real life for you, ins’t it?                

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