January 5, 2020

Colorful Backyard Wedding in Crystal River

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The wedding was just about to start. Liz stood against a rich green wall as her mother fastened her dress. The color of it really picked up in her eyes… and as she looked out the window, the speck of brown that covered much of her left eye, looked more like a twinkle. Just minutes later she made her way through the  back door and onto the grassy lawn of her Parents home, down a small brick path and up the small flight of stairs she had walked so many times. But this time was different.  This time, she was wearing a white dress and her soon to be husband- Pete, stood at the doors waiting for her. They met each other hand in hand. All of their closest friends and family all seated in chairs on the front lawn. They watched as Pete + Liz shared a bit of laughter, some sweet vows, and their first ever kiss as husband and wife!!! It was such a beautiful, intimate ceremony.

At sunset, we snuck out to the backyard and took pictures in the golden light by the river.  Afterwards we returned to the reception area where everyone was gathered underneath a large white tent with towering ceilings and twinkling lights strung about. Rich fall colors filled Liz’s bouquet and the tented reception area. The deep yellow roses and the rich red, and many petaled ranunculus made everything feel so warm and vibrant. The rest of the evening was spent in good conversation and endless fun on the dance floor!

Pete + Liz, thanks so much for choosing me as your photographer! Your wedding was such a pleasure to be a part of and I wish your sweet growing family many years of happiness ♥️      Burgundy Tent Reception Burgundy Tent Reception Burgundy Tent Reception Burgundy Tent Reception Burgundy Tent Reception Burgundy Tent Reception White tent reception    White tent receptionWhite tent reception




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